God and His Pursuit of You

I have itchy feet. Now, before you close that window and feel disgust with my oversharing, what I meant was that I enjoy travelling and generally going places. When on a trip, you won’t find me following a map as if I’m a human GPS navigation device. I’d be the one in the group looking around, trying random side streets, and getting lost. When in my normal habitat, you can invite me to go to an event, a class, a gig, a restaurant, and I’d likely be up for it (as long as it’s reachable via Uber). I’m easily bored and have short attention span, so I like doing anything new that could be added to my plethora of interests.

This wanderlust is something that I have unfortunately carried over as well to my spiritual life. Despite knowing the right path where I should walk on, I have this tendency to wander around and take my little side trips–a sniff of some roses on the sidewalk shouldn’t hurt, right? At first, it’s safe. I still have sight of the right path; I just really need to take this quick stopover and get my obsession with this TV series over with. It will just be a quick one, I promise. I’ll go back to having my quiet time soon. After that quick detour though, I find even more alternate routes that are just so fun to take. I’ll just try to date someone who doesn’t match my spiritual walk. Ahhh, drinking! Let me just grab one bottle. Ooooh, a friendship that’s leading me away from Jesus. It shouldn’t be THAT bad, right? I wander and wander, and eventually find myself lost in the middle of the woods without any sight of the right path–stuck with a compass that I’ve forgotten how to read and sucky cellphone reception.

Yes, I’m pretty good at getting lost. I think I have made it a habit to go outside of God’s will and carve my own way in this life. What’s even worse is that after realizing that I’m lost, instead of stopping and thinking about how to go back to the right path (or even just making a distress signal and waiting for someone to rescue me–I watch too much Survivor), I’d just go wandering off and losing myself deeper into the woods. I’d figure that since I’m already lost anyway, there should be no harm in trying out all these paths and shortcuts. I don’t like admitting it, but I think this is because of my pride. I hate asking for help or even just needing help. I hate waiting around and being paralyzed with nothing to do. I like putting matters into my own hands, and yes, you guessed it right. Things usually turn out for the worse.

That is exactly the reason why I got so affected by this graphic that was shared by Bethel Music yesterday:


It’s just so beautiful and mind-blowing to think that no matter how much we wander and get lost, God pursues us. You could have committed a crime, lived a sexually immoral life, harbored so much anger towards other, swam in a deep sea of pride, or did things that you think can never be forgiven by God. Yet He is right there, searching for you as a shepherd would leave 99 of his sheep just to look for the one that is missing (Matthew 18).  What’s funny is that there is no place where He does have a reach on us anyway (Psalm 139), so why do we even fight it? No matter where we wander, He is close to us more than we think.

It’s kind of crazy when you think about it, but it’s true. God loves us so much that He even gave His only Son to die for our sins. From His throne and reign to walk with us in this dingy Earth just to show His love for you by forgiving your sins and giving you eternal life with Him–that is what you call pursuit. And what should our response be? Just go back to Him and heed to His call. As an old Christian song says, “Remember and return to your first love.”

Now, stop running. Stop hiding. No matter what you’ve been through, God is in relentless pursuit of you.


Out on the farthest edge, there in the silence. You were there.
My faith was torn to shreds, heart in the balance. But you were there.

I thought I had seen the end, everything broken. But you were there.
I’ve wandered heaven’s gates. I’ve made my bed in hell. But you were there still.

– You Have Me, Gungor

And if ever I am faithless, I can’t escape Your greatness.
From the brightest of places to the infinite spaces, there You are.

– There You Are, Lovelite

Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me.

– One Thing Remains, Jesus Culture

Additional note: If you still have struggles with accepting that God will love and pursue you no matter what, there are so many passages in the Bible that can assure you of God’s loving nature. Also, try to watch this clip from Rob Bell.

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